My Brief Time As an Astronaut

by August Anthem

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released May 4, 2012



all rights reserved


August Anthem Stony Brook, New York

We are four friends who love writing music that we hope everyone can relate to, just a little bit. Oh, and we would be absolutely nowhere without the help of our friends. Thank you, we love you all :)

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Track Name: Bird and Bear and Hare and Fish
I'm a jumbled mess of words

And conflicting desires

All I do is sleep and think

So why am I so tired?

Why am I so tired?

Hedge your bets against my lack

Of better judgement, poise and tact

I'm more inclined

To press rewind

Surround myself with bright ideas

That burned out under my own heels

Now all that's left

Is deep regret

Gaze upon that distant prize

With silent stare and lustful eyes

What I seek

Will always be just outside my reach

Time and time again I find

You creeping softly through my mind

I know you're gone

A vagabond

Someday you will move away

From Glen Road South and I will stay

Stuck in my tracks

Those days are passed

Bird and bear and hare and fish

Give my love her fondest wish

Upon a star

You'll always have a piece of my heart

I miss the way we used to be

So much has changed, so rapidly

Can we just stop for a minute?

Breathe in the air surrounding us

Forget about everything

Remember when we used to sleep all day?

Let our dreams take over us

And take us far away?

Breathe me in

Let me get you high

Place me on your tongue
Track Name: Jetpack Future
For just this moment

Let's change our names and rewrite history

To our own liking

From fighting crime to solving mysteries

Create a future

That doesn't suck and isn't ruled by greed

Where we can lie in the grass

Kick off our shoes and smoke a little weed

I've put a lot of thought in

And I'm dizzy from the shots, you know

This world's spinning beneath us

and there's nothing that should keep us

From enjoying it together

Have you seen such lovely weather?

Please don't let my mindless banter frighten you away...

How about this instead?

The future's where it's at

I mean, come on!

We'll take a space flight

To sneak a peek on Planet Orbulon

Plus, not to mention,

Think of all the gadgets there will be!

Can you say jetpacks?!

Just stick with me, we'll blend in perfectly

It's never too late

To douse our past in leaded gasoline

Send it up in flames

I'm speaking from the heart, I'm coming clean
Track Name: Montage
Stay with me for one more night

The last thing I want is to see you cry

Everything's wrong, but we'll be just fine

And I will not sleep tonight

I'll hold you close, whisper goodbye

Wipe away tears from your fragile eyes

Silently praying and asking why

You cannot sleep tonight

Trust in me and take my hand

I know this isn't what we had planned

But close your eyes and we'll find a way

Tomorrow promises better days

Precious time went by so fast

But girl, we made every moment last

Memories of a distant past

Will flood my mind tonight

You can't outrun the future

Tomorrow's come and gone

You can't escape the sunlight

From the breaking dawn

So let's enjoy this sunset

Before it gets too late

I promise I'll come back for you

If you say you'll wait for me
Track Name: My Brief Time As an Astronaut
While planet Earth sleeps

We'll float high above the clouds

Catching shooting stars

Just like finger paints

We'll carve our own constellations

Into the night sky

The people down below

Will see the shine and feel the splendor

Of our burning love

Have you ever watched the fleeting phoenix

Rise up from the ashes and take flight?

Fearless and empowered by the sun

The Milky Way seems

Nothing but a speck of dust

Guided by the wind

If you just say the word

Planet Orbulon and so much more

Will be within our reach

My life is now yours

I'll carry you across the skyline

To the edge of time

Woah (x 123456789)
Track Name: Pax Romana
Your fleeting confidence

And my lack of common sense

Are waging war within our cores

And leaving us for dead

I cannot recognize

My reflection in your eyes, girl

My will is gone, we can't go on

I wish we'd never met

My trust has been withdrawn, dear

The world has since moved on here

Pax Romana's long since passed

There's nothing left for us

We need a little time

To hang our love out to dry

So with what little breath that I have left

I'm choking back disgust
Track Name: Leafblower!
You don't fight fair, you know

Tugging at my heartstrings

The minute I start heading for the door

Pulling me back into your arms

When we both know damn well

That just ain't where I belong, no

These games that we're playing

The day and night, one-sided firefight

Is wearing me down, down, down

But when all is said and done

And I'm going through the motions

Of the seasons without you by my side's strange...and nothing feels

Quite like it did before

So I'm saying, "Let me go!"

My heart is in pieces

My mind is in shackles

A fork's in the road

And I don't know which way to go

Woah, oh oh oh oh oh (x3)

Do you understand what you do?

Your image is the nicotine

Embedded in the drug of your love

Dragging me back to that place

Kicking and screaming,

"I know I won't last on my own!"

'Cause I can't kick this habit

I can feel the cancer cells

Metastasizing deep in my brain

And when all is said and done

The sweet scent you left behind

Is masked by toxic memories

It's strange...and nothing feels

Quite like it did before
Track Name: Hole in Her Heart
We each said what we had to say

I never knew you felt that way

Get out, I don't need you anymore

Don't try to come crawling back

Get too close and I'll attack

You can show yourself to the door

But despite the shit you put me through

I manage to constantly fall back to you

I'm sick of the games, always taking the blame

Things have changed, but you're still the same

Hurry up and pick a side

I know which way to go this time

I see through your bitter haze

Built me up to watch me fall

Did you even care at all?

Or is love just another empty phrase?
Track Name: "I Hope They Call Me Henry When I Die, Too"
I'm over and out

With knees to the floor

I'm down for the count

And I can't take much more

Of the constant demand

Of what you want me to be

Now I'll take the stand

And enter one final plea

I remember (x3)

Why do I feel so alone?

Why can't this place feel like home?

I'm surrounded by people I don't even know

And I feel like my brain is about to implode

Somewhere down the line,

I went and fucked things up beyond repair

Apologies are overdue with no time left to spare

I woke up this morning to find

My inspiration has run dry

I've got so many questions inside my mind

I know all the answers, but somehow I'm blind

Locked and loaded, you're dressed to kill

Poison potent, I've had my fill

Aim those eyes straight at my heart and fire at will

It's 3AM and I'm counting sheep

I need you here to sing me to sleep

But I'm sick, dying, dead

From the words that you put in my head

Whispered words lose their grace

And gently float 'til they hit the ground

But I'm sick, dying, dead

From the words that you put in my head